Cat Scratching Tree Supreme Palace -145 cm


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“Stylish cat scratching tree that offer comfy platforms too.”

Cats are crazy creatures who need plenty of stimulation to keep them happy. If you have a cat this is the perfect scratching post for your furry friend! The Supreme Palace features soft platforms and resting areas so they can take some much-needed snooze time while getting their nails groomed at night or relaxing in an adorable plush lounge during day-time naps on these beautifully designed furnishings that will make anyone forget about having an indoor feline ever again–especially if it’s got two levels like ours does!.

Fill both floors with this Royalty Supreme Stylish design that comes complete – decked out!
Benefits Features:

Made with your cats in mind with royalty feels.
Easy to assemble
Safe and Environment Friendly
Latest stylish design
Multiple platforms
Magnificent plush resting platform
A secret place for private sleeping.
With Jute twine scratching poles
Hanging rope and fluffy balls for additional fun.

Plush Covering / Sisal

Direction for Use:

Place in a safe area where your fur babies can have their fun activity.
Keep the product and the area clean always.

Product Dimension: 55cm x 45cm x 145cm


Supreme Palace Scratching Cat Tree an eco-friendly cat tree that can be assembled in minutes and is a super comfy cat tree with platforms for napping and playing. Primarily a cat scratching tree where they could clean and work on their claws to escape boredom.

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