TALENTAIL ULTIMATE New Zealand Chicken – Puppy 5.4Kg (1.8kg x 3)


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Tailored to meet the unique nutritional needs of puppies TALENTAIL Ultimate New Zealand Chicken Dog Food for Puppies 1.8kg is here to ensure that your little bundle of joy receives the best start in life. Made with a dedication to quality this dog food guarantees a complete and balanced diet for all breeds providing the foundation for your puppy’s growth and development.

At the heart of this recipe lies 100% premium ingredients sourced meticulously from Australia and New Zealand. With 75% chicken and oils content this dog food delivers a rich source of protein vital for building strong muscles and facilitating tissue repair. Adding to its nutritional value is the inclusion of Kakadu Plum an Australian superfood renowned for its immune-boosting properties safeguarding your puppy’s health.

Say goodbye to grains! The 100% grain-free formula ensures that puppies with grain sensitivities can enjoy this delectable meal without any discomfort. Plus with optimal levels of protein low fat and low salt this dog food promotes a healthy weight and supports overall well-being. And the best part? No artificial flavours or preservatives are added guaranteeing a pure and natural dining experience.

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