VINTAGE Solid Wood Cat Climbing Tree Post Scratcher 176cm


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“Sturdy cat tree that serves its purpose well.”

Solid Wood Cat Climbing Tree Post Scratcher 168cm is a self-assembled cat tree which is made of strong wood with soft and comfortable items. Cats can all have a place at the same time with comfy perches and dens for them to rest their tired paws. The hideaways are roomy enough for even the biggest felines complete with large plush beds to lay around on. Sisal wraps the durable posts for a safe scratcher base that will withstand jumping or climbing by really big cats too.
Benefits Features:

Solid and Stable
Soft and comfortable
Safe and Environment Friendly
Cats can all have a place at the same time
Comfortable Plush perches
Comfortable and homey crawl condos
Well built sisal rods reinforced base plate
Durable posts completely wrapped in sisal for claws

Plywood Paper tube Soft plush PP filling Feather toy White sisal rope

Direction for Use:

Place in a safe area where your fur babies can have their fun activity.
Keep the product and the area clean always.
Product Dimension: 75x56x166cm


Solid Wood Cat Climbing Tree Post Scratcher is a versatile cat tree at the same time a cat scratching post. Perfect for cats of all sizes provides a place to scratch a place to hide and a place to rest. Cat furniture that could mix well with your home furniture.

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