Tranquility Palace Scratching Post 50x50x171cm


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“Gives your cat the satisfaction in climbing scratching and relaxing.”

This cat tree offers many comforts for your beloved pet. It has sisal posts to satisfy your cats nature of clawing and protect your furniture from scratching. Raised top perch edge prevents your cat from falling and provides comfortable resting experience and an elegant white-grey colour tones that go well easily with your home’s existing décor will help you keep your kitty entertained for hours.

Benefits and Features:

Steady and solid well made by high quality material.
Cats favourite toys.
Avoid your kittens damaging carpets furniture curtains etc.
Easy Assembly.

Dont you wish your cats would stop scratching your furniture? Cat Scratching Post (50x50x171cm) solves this problem. Its a stylish cat tree scratching posts with perch condo and cozy lounge-worthy perches to keep your kitty entertained. Equipped with soft plush covering sisal posts and many activities like the hanging ball and rope this cat scrath is sure to give your cats hours of entertainment. It also provides a comfortable resting experience for your cat.

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