Tranquility Condo Scratching Post 50x50x174cm


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“Your cat needs a new scratching post and this one is amazing!”

Tranquility Condo Scratching Cat Tree 174cm is made with high-quality materials that will make your cat happy. It’s also very sturdy and can hold up to a lot of abuse making it the perfect place for your cat to scratch. Not only does this tree provide a great place for your cat to scratch but it also has a bunch of different levels and spaces for them to explore. Plus it looks really cool too – so you can show it off to all of your friends!

Benefits and Features:

A deluxe cat tree made with a plush fabric that feels luxuriously soft and has a swanky velvety look.
Includes condo 5 top perches with perch covers sisal wrapped scratching posts.
This cat tree has all your kittys needs covered by providing cozy spots to relax in hideouts to retreat to at their leisure scratching and perching opportunities and playtime fun.
Cats love all the different heights to climb up to as well as scratching on the sisal rope to keep nails healthy and get in a good stretch.
The plush material in white hues is designed with your home décor in mind.
Perfect for a single cat or multi-cat homes.

Product Dimension (LxWxH): 50x50x174cm


You can find the perfect spot for your cat’s tree by checking where they usually like to play rest and watch over their territory. It is best if you install it in an open space with lots of visibility from multiple angles because this will allow them access into areas throughout the house such as near windows or doors that lead out into rooms. A location that offers optimal viewing opportunities while still remaining close enough without being too cluttered.

Tranquility Condo Scratching 174cm is a multi-level cat tree designed not just as a stylish cat scratching tree but as a place where your cat can spend the entire day while still being physically active. Could also qualify as a cat tree decor since it is also artistically made and can blend in any home. As many cats love to scratch they can do so comfortably by batting at any of the scratching posts on the different levels of this cat tree.

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