Multiple Cat Scratching Post With Cat Perch


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Bask in a scratch frenzy with the Multiple Cat Scratching Post with Cat Perch the ultimate play haven for your beloved feline friends! This premium scratching post features three large posts offering ample space for your cats to stretch scratch and exercise. The posts come in three different textures allowing your cats to choose their favourite surface for scratching.

To enhance the fun included two hanging ball teasers that attract cat to swat and bat. The top of the three scratching posts boasts a flat perch surface creating the perfect spot for your cats to relax and keep an eye on their surroundings. With neutral colour tones this scratching post seamlessly blends with your home’s decor ensuring a harmonious addition to any room.

The sturdy plush base guarantees stability providing a safe and secure platform for your cats to climb scratch and perch. Designed for indoor use this scratching post offers your cats a comfortable and stimulating environment to satisfy their natural instincts.

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