POULTRY NETTING Quality Net Chicken Electric Fence 60m X 115cm


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Our Electric Netting Poultry is a 60m roll with double prong posts in which most poultry keepers start.

A 60m roll of poultry wire netting can be used individually allowing you to enclose an area of more than 150 square meters.

The package also comes with 20 poles and a single gate pole. The green colour of this chicken fence gives the fence a low visual impact by blending into the environment.

Poultry netting may be light and movable but it does not mean it cannot withstand severe conditions. The whole setup is made for farms and outdoor areas. Therefore it is sturdy and will not give out easily.

Chicken Wire Fencing Features

  • 60m rolls of chicken wire include 20 posts and a single gate pole
  • Polyurethane with metal filaments running through the horizontal strands
  • An Energiser is connected to the net and the ground via an stake to’ charge’ the net.
  • Four pieces of stainless galvanised steel wires
  • Durable and long-lasting

Electric Chicken Netting Specifications

  • Height: 115CM
  • Length: 60M
  • 20 PVC Posts
  • 1x 5mm FPR post inside to strengthen the posts

In the Box

  • 1 – Poultry Fence
  • 20 – PVC Posts
  • 20 – Cap
  • 43 – Pegs
  • 1 – Gate Plate
  • 4 – Guy Line
  • 4 – Stainless Steel Wire

This chicken netting is a galvanised wire mesh traditionally used to enclose poultry. You don’t have to be a farmer to use this product in your garden.

The common use of this chicken coop wire is to control organic pests. The extensive use is chicken coops plants and encloses the garden area to keep the pests out. This is a good use for plant protection.

Note: It is recommended that you bury a portion of the chicken wire to keep pests that can dig. Recommended that new galvanised steel mesh’s bottom part be buried to keep out groundhogs a good 6 inches deep.

This chicken netting is a strong and flexible netting that can be used as aviaries and pet cages for quail turkeys ducks geese sheep dogs cats. If you plug this chicken netting it is suitable for protecting against wild animals such as foxes.

If you are a new chicken keeper keeping your flock safe from predators is an important decision. Contrarily keeping your vegetables safe from ravaging chickens bunnies and animals is always challenging.

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